What is ePacket delivery from China? Rates & Tracking method

All info about epacket delivery from China & Hongkong

More detail answer for this question ePacket delivery from China can be find here. For ePacket delivery from Hongkong, please read this post 

So what is epacket delivery from China?  This keeps popping up on those selling from China.  Did a search is ebay with no results.

  ePacket delivery from China is “ePacket service offers consumers in the U.S. and e-commerce merchants in Hong Kong with in-process scanning information and Delivery Confirmation notification available through Hongkong Post’s tracking system and through Track and Confirm at usps.com.

” What is ePacket service ? The U.S. Postal Service has initiated a new service with Hong Kong Post that is structured to foster growth in e-commerce.

The new ePacket service expands the array of options offered to e-commerce merchants in Hong Kong seeking to reach consumer markets in the United States.

The ePacket shipping solution features tracking and Delivery Confirmation in the Postal Service network for lightweight goods and merchandise ordered by consumers in the United States from merchants in Hong Kong.

  • (ebay ePacket also called EUB, ePacket tracking number starts with “LK” and ends with “CN”,i.e:LK123456789CN)


      ePacket shipping time from China



EUB/ePacket(E邮宝) is an economical and fast courier service by China Post EMS and USPS. Normally it will take about 1 to 2 weeks to arrive USA from China.

ePacket(E邮宝) is an exclusive shipping service for eBay customer only.

ePacket (E邮宝) tracking number is a 13-digit code starting with letter “LK” and ending with “CN”. i.e. LK123456789CN

Why ePacket service not being offered to American merchants as well?

Because we already have delivery confirmation and tracking available on packages inside (and some forms outside of) the United States when shipping through the post office.

For FREE if you print postage online.

Unless you’re somehow employing Hong Kong Post as your original shipper


oh i can see how ePacketservice  affects us….

more items with item locations in the USA, that are actually in HK. They made it easier for those type of sellers.

I don’t see how it has anything to do with misleading item locations…all it does, really, is tie the HKP and USPS tracking systems together so that the e-packets are trackable at what I’m assuming is a cheaper cost than previously available trackable services


The ePacket rate is cheaper than USPS Frist Class Rate (with delivery confirmation). I have requested our President Mr. Obama to initiate a talk between USPS and eBay to see if it is possible to offer same ePacket to US sellers. In the meantime, I will email my request to USPS headquarter too.

USPS answered this question on their site…



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  2. [Posted July 31, 2016]

    The rates for ePacket service from China have been updated as of June 2016. The source of the current rates (in Chinese) is the China Post Express Mail Service webpage at: http://shipping.ems.com.cn/product/findDetail?sid=3257

    For ePacket shipments to the U.S., the base fee is no longer 7 RMB but rather 9 RMB per ePacket. The additional pricing increment per gram is between 0.074-0.08 RMB/gram, depending on whether the ePacket is for “non-eBay”, “eBay”, or “wish” (I do not know what “wish” means but assume it is another selling platform).

    The minimum charged weight per ePacket is normally* 50 grams (for U.S. destination). This means ePackets weighing 50 grams or less are charged as though they were 50 grams.

    Examples of ePacket shipping prices to U.S….

    Package is only 35 grams…
    9 RMB base fee + (50g x )

    Package is 70 grams…
    9 RMB base fee + (70g x )

    *From June 1 to August 31, 2016, a promotional lesser minimum charged weight point of 35 grams is effective.

    • Revision:

      Package is only 35 grams…
      9 RMB base fee + (50g x incremental price per gram )

      Package is 70 grams…
      9 RMB base fee + (70g x incremental price per gram)

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