eBay’s Global Shipping Program. Who delivers the item?

eBay’s Global Shipping Program. Who delivers the item?

I am from Australia and have a delivery issue. I purchased an item from the USA in Jan 13 and under the Global Shipping Program set up by eBay

The items are sent in two stages assisting in protecting Sellers great idea but with some issue’s I feel.

My Item has 2 tracking numbers associated with it, the first is the internal USPS tracking number (9405s-exs-exs-exs-ex**9271) used to get it from point of lodgement to a international sort facility in the US, once it is received at the sort facility the sellers obligation is fulfilled under the terms of the global shipping program and the item shows as delivered quote “Delivered January 25, 2013, 8:51 am ERLANGER, KY 41018 USPS Tracking / Delivery Confirmation™”.

From this facility the item was given another global tracking number (UPAABs-exs-exs-ex**3292) and from here who knows what happens because the tracking number does’t show on the USPS or Australia Post tracking systems yet when tracked on eBay it says it’s “In Transit with Destination Carrier, Feb-07-13, 08:48 AM, BELMONT EAST, 6104″ and has been the same for the past 7 days.

When contacting the post office indicated they don’t have the parcel and they are not my delivery post office. So the question is who is the destination carrier if it’s not Australia Post? And where is my item? The agreement says Pitney Bowes but they don’t from my search deliver mail nor track items.Regards Murray

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Best answer:

I just had my first international package delivered today using the new system.

I noticed that it seemed to lay for two days in Erlanger (my local distribution point) according to the tracking. However, it then begin moving again on Tuesday and was delivered Today in Canada.

The tracking number should follow through all the way to your door. I would allow a couple of days for it to be processed, repackaged, relabeled, customs filled out, customs paid, etc before expecting it to be on the move again. I would think once it starts moving again it should arrive in about three days or so.

I really like the new program, and so should you. You know exactly what customs fees are due and pay them up front. No more packages being held up at customs, at least normally. And eBay themselves are responsible for getting you your package once it reaches the center.

I like it because it is a domestic sale for me, once it arrives at Erlanger (Cincinnati Ohio Airport facility) I am in the clear. If I ship next day and it arrives within four days to the center I get automatic 5’s on shipping time and charges, etc. If the package is lost, damaged, stolen, or never delivered eBay takes the heat, not me.

Yes, you pay what seems to be a little more, but those are the charges you would have to pay once the package arrives anyway as I understand it. Plus, there is a small brokerage fee based on the item, and package to process it through customs.

May I suggest you check the number again tomorrow? It may show the package on the move again then.

Mine read thusly (I have four more in transit now)


Nov-23-12, 12:45 PM, BELOEIL, QC J3G 2M0

Out for Delivery

Nov-23-12, 12:42 PM, BELOEIL, QC J3G 2M0

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Nov-23-12, 11:18 AM, BELOEIL, QC J3G 2M0

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Nov-22-12, 11:04 AM, MONTREAL, QC H4T 1T4

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Nov-21-12, 16:25 PM, MISSISSAUGA, ON L4W 1V1

Shipped from US Shipping Center to International Destination

Nov-19-12, 18:20 PM, Erlanger

Customs Documentation and Labeling

Nov-16-12, 22:22 PM, Erlanger

Processing at US Shipping Center

Nov-16-12, 22:20 PM, Erlanger

In Transit-Out for Delivery

Nov-16-12, 09:18 AM, ERLANGER, KY 41018

In Transit-Sorting Complete

Nov-16-12, 09:08 AM, ERLANGER, KY 41018

In Transit-Arrival at Post Office

Nov-16-12, 05:28 AM, ERLANGER, KY 41018

In Transit-Depart USPS Sort Facility

Nov-16-12, 00:00 AM, CINCINNATI, OH 45235

In Transit-Processed through USPS Sort Facility

Nov-15-12, 19:40 PM, CINCINNATI, OH 45235

In Transit-Depart USPS Sort Facility

Nov-15-12, 00:00 AM, LOUISVILLE, KY 40231

In Transit-Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility

Nov-14-12, 21:53 PM, LOUISVILLE, KY 40231

In Transit-Dispatched to Sort Facility

Nov-14-12, 18:55 PM, LOUISVILLE, KY 40205

In Transit-Acceptance

Nov-14-12, 14:33 PM, LOUISVILLE, KY 40205

 Another Suggested

Max on  said: 

go to boxoh.com past the tracking number there.. probably beacuse it is using another shipping method which boxoh can automatically detect the shipping company by the tracking number.

Some more info about tracking number:

You can use “track” or tracking plus your tracking number as keywords to track it on google . see pictures below:

Following Courier and Postal Services are most frequently used by China Shippers. Please simply click the logo and track the related service:

  •  (China Post Register Mail Track No.Starts with “R” and ends with “CN”,i.e:RR123456789CN)
  • (China Post EMS tracking number starts with “E” and ends with “CN”,i.e:EA123456789CN)
  • (also called EUB, tracking number starts with “LK” and ends with “CN”,i.e:LK123456789CN)
  • ( tracking number starts with “R” and ends with “HK”,i.e RB123456789HK)
  • ( Singapore Post tracking number starts with “R” and ends with “SG”,i.e RB123456789SG)
  • ( tracking number is a pure-numeric 9-digit code,i.e 123456789)
  • ( tracking number is a pure-numeric 10-digit code,i.e 1234567890)
  • ( track No. is a 18-digit code,i.e 1Z808Y2A1234567890)
  • ( track No. is a 12-digit code,i.e 800123456789)

Tracking Status “In Transit with Destination Carrier” What does it mean?

Answer: This means it’s on its way to your address

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