Paypal Alternatives Payment methods

Paypal Alternatives Payment methods
Paypal Alternatives Payment methods

Some Reason why need Paypal Alternatives Payment methods

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Since paypal is widely use and most famous name on the online networks for sending payment online. There are some trouble we can get like account freezes, high fees, low exchange rate when withdraw money…

Paypal also has buyer protection program up to 45 days- but not have any seller protections program. It’s very easy for some scam artist, no-honest buyer ask for partial or full refund within that period

Paypal Alternatives Payment methods

Paypal is the most used (not automatically the best) payment processor, but as all we know Paypal doesn’t support some countries and don’t allow some online activities

At my poit of view, PayPal does not care about their clients’ business and tend to ignore all their needs in my experience. Unfortunately it is the most widely used payment processor online. I would really like to find an alternative where I would be able to accept payments and also easily pay out to my clients (something like MassPay at PayPal)

Paypal Alternatives Payment methods

Paypal is well know and accepted by millions websites so it now easy for you to get more customer. For most of us, paypal is the first choice. So finding a Paypal Alternatives Payment methods is not easy and for second or backup payment gateway.

There are several company offer the same services like paypal offer at reasonable fees, hassle free

Here is the list of few Paypal Alternatives Payment methods:

1 Payza

 It processes credit cards and works in a relatively similar fashion to Paypal. Also seems to be pretty secure. I’d say this is your best bet as a straight-up “Paypal alternative”, assuming the quality has not degraded since the branding transition to Payza

2 Amazon Payments

  • Amazon Payments is another very good option. Their policies seem to be more just and transparent than PayPal’s and Amazon is a trusted name, so customers should not be hesitant about using this service. The only major drawback is they don’t operate outside the US. That is, they don’t offer their services to businesses that are non-US based.

3 Google wallet

    Google Wallet is mainly used in the US but it accepts credit or debit cards from many countries. It acts like a digital wallet, more so in the US as you can tap to pay in-store with an NFC-enabled Android device.
      As for online shopping, there are a handful of online merchants that accept checking out with Google Wallet

  • Unlike PayPal, Google Wallet is strictly for mechants, so you cannot send money to other Google Wallet users. However, there are no chargeable fees when using Google Wallet online or in-store, this is good if you’re shopping on one of their online merchants where it only accepts US credit cards and not your local one

4 MoneyBookers or Skrill

  • Digital Wallet
  • The Skrill Digital Wallet offers the safety and convenience of online payments with only an email address and password. Welcome to the next generation of online payments.
  • Security
  • Our security measures are designed to do just one thing. Keep you safe. Along with the highest encryption standards, we continually update our system totackle emerging threats. Which means you and your money are protected.
  • Shop Online
  • Every day more and more merchants accept Skrill (Moneybookers) payment. So you can pay directly and securely without revealing your bank or credit card details. Visit our shopping directory today to see where you can shop and discover some fantastic exclusive offers
  • Receive Payouts
  • Where should we send the payment to? With Skrill (Moneybookers), you receive instant payouts from over 200 countries in over 40 currencies. Whether you just want to receive your winnings or earn your affiliate payouts, with us you have instant access, worldwide
  • Moneybookers MasterCard®
  • The prepaid card that directly links to your Skrill Digital Wallet to offer total freedom. Accepted in many online and offline shops and at over 1.5 million ATMs worldwide. For EU residents only.
  • Skrill World Post – Shipping from the US
  • Our new service solves the old dilemma of getting packages from the US delivered to your home locally. World Post offers cheap, fast and secure shipping with online tracking and insurance, exclusively for Skrill (Moneybookers) customers.
  • Transfer Money Internationally
  • Can’t pop into your local bank? Don’t want to spend a fortune in transfer and exchange fees? This is your low cost solution for sending and receiving funds internationally, whether it’s family, friends or simply to your own bank account when you’re abroad in over 40 currencies.
  • Deposit Money
  • Free and safe storage comes as standard with a Skrill (Moneybookers) account. Upload and withdraw your funds when you need them, to use at all your favourite sites. We think of it as an online wallet. Like everything at Skrill (Moneybookers), it offers you total freedom in the simplest possible way.
  • Fees
  • Everybody seems to offer low introductory rates, we like to keep our fees constantly low and totally transparent.

5 Payoneer

  • Multiple payment solutions

  • Payoneer prepaid MasterCard® card
  • Global Bank Transfers
  • Global and Local eWallets – Send and receive payments from various local eWallets such as WebMoney, Paypal and more.

  • International checks

6 Escrow

  • I have not personally used this, but close friends have told me of good experiences with it. I would deem it trustworthy though cannot say a whole lot past that
The list above is not enough, alot of new services or other services i doesnt know. if you’ve got one and have experience with it, please post a comment here so i can update the list . It could be helpful to our International members that are having troubles with PayPal to find a Paypal Alternatives Payment methods


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