Global Shipping Collection Center – Erlanger KY

Global Shipping Collection Center – Erlanger KY


Does anyone have the phone number for Ebays Global Shipping Collection Center located in Erlanger KY?.

I purchased postage from Ebay and Shipped the Item to a customer located in the United States and the lable read Ship TO:  (that person) with a tracking number.  Three days later the buyer opens a case for not receiving the item.  Looking at the tracking number it was shipped to The Global Shipping Center in Erlanger KY.

I would like to call the center to see if they have my item.  I also reported the item Stolen with USPS and have an ongoing case number.  In the mean while I have an unhappy customer who has to wait for an item they paid for while USPS investigates the issue.

Anyone know the phone number????

Send me a message to:  conseco420




Call eBay and ask to speak to Logistics department. They deal with GSP. Your buyer is obviously abroad if you shipped the item to the re-shipping center. If they opened a case, input the USPS tracking to KY (not the foreign one). Domestic shipping is the only part you’re responsible for when using GSP. You’ll be in trouble if the item does not make it to KY though. 3 days is jumping a gun one way or another.



  1. Hello , i’ve bought 2 parts from eBay seller And the package has been sent to Erlanger KY i don’t know why. They told me that i’ve should made a mistake And cliqued on a wrong touch when the shipping Time came . The part is now AT Erlanger KY . I just Quick need my parts . What do i have to do to get informations on my package ?? Thanks on advance

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