Can i just confirm that i am in the right?

Long story short.

I bought a new look top form a lady who in the items description said “Good condition” only and postage at 1st class £3.50

I paid £6 for the item.

Item Number 171382054489


When item arrived today “2nd class” at a price of £1.50 i was a little miffed, but i was more miffed when i opened the package and found the item “NOT AS DESCRIBED” item was all stretched out of shape, faded, bobbley, and had small holes in it. And remnants of past deodorant marks under the arms. Totally unwearable and only ft for the bin!!

I contacted the Seller to tell her of my findings and that i was not happy about the postage either. 

And i would like a FULL refund inc postage please, as per eBay policy for a “item not as described”


I received a rather rude message saying that i was over exaggerating as if the item was that bad she wouldn’t have sold it!

and not to be so patronising!

And if i wanted a refund i would have to return the item to her.


I told her that i was not wiling to (unless she pays the postage) spend MORE money on this item to return it, am i with in my right to say this as i forget.

Or should i just open a case for item not as described if she is going to be confruntationl. Seller only has 5 feedback so far. Thanks.



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