Catering Trailer

Nice Catering Trailer being listed on site with a buy it now price of £1200 which for what you get looks a bargain. So i contacted as it says located close to me. To ask to have a look.

Got told its a lovely van but is actually miles away and would be delivered.

Then i notice the seller has only (1) feedback with no id left  and suddenly i also notice lots of bids by a e bayer with (0) feedback and the guy selling has been registered since 2012 with nothing brought or sold.

He Then told me if i pay the £1200 into his bank the van would be on my drive in the Morning.

He also told me to be quick as he had another offer, yet then he changed it to £750 into his bank and £450 cash on delivery.

I have stood down as it all seems shifty to me…is someone about to get stung or have i actually lost a bargain…pics look good and he has told me no outstanding finance on the unit…

Whats your views in general ?

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