eBay Quantity keeps resetting



So I did a stock take 2 nights ago,must of taken me 1.5-2 hours.I directly inputted all the values straight into eBay .10 mins later all the values reset . Now I’m in a situation where I have some items in stock at my office that show out of stock on eBay ,so I can’t sell them .This is happening with all my listings.


The one’s that are showing out of stock are the most popular items so I have very little money coming my way as I’m a pretty small store


I Was on the phone with eBay twice yesterday.Their getting a technician to look at my account now


I tried inputting the values through Turbo lister and still no luck .




While I am waiting for them I said I’d chance my arm and see if anybody knew anything about this or had a fix . 


Is this a bug with the site ? Or is it me?


Any input would be great 











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