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I am rather annoyed at a seller regarding an item I won Sunday evening and paid for at around 09:30 on Monday that had a delivery by date of Wednesday (“Royal Mail standard tracked”) wasn’t despatched until 07:38 on the Wednesday. Obviously it never arrived then, I’m waiting to see if it arrives today.


The same with another bid from the same seller – paid for Tuesday AM, delivery by date Thursday (today). Despatch message for that received at 04:38 this morning, so am not expecting it until at least tomorrow.

A third bid, paid for yesterday morning, is supposed to arrive by tomorrow, but it’s not shown as despatched yet, so I assume that will also be despatched late.


The post information on their site states that they normally despatch within 1 working day of cleared payment.

If a seller can’t / doesn’t want to


If a seller can’t / doesn’t want to despatch orders in the manner that they advertise, why state it. I would much rather an item be advertised as economy delivery, with it’s longer delivery by date and then be pleasantly surprised when it arrives early because the seller has used standard instead. At least one seller I use does this and my feedback for them relects that.


I’ve dealt with the seller before and it isn’t the first time this has happened with their UK despatches, so I sort of know what to expect.


As I haven’t received my first order yet, I can now go through the ebay system and, presumably open a case, which will then give the seller a defect. As my first order has two items and if I reported them separately, I assume this would give two defects.

Assuming my other two orders will be late, I could do the same with them, meaning that the seller would then have four defects (if that’s the way it works).

However, I’m not going that way, although if I leave feedback, I will rate Despatch accordingly.


I’ve used the seller, mostly for bidding, since they started selling again around April this year. Their feedback ratings are:

Positive 1140, Neutral 12, Negative 4

which are good ratings


Another far east seller has ratings of 92896    160     98  again, excellant ratings

They have the same “within 1 day of payment” despatch policy, yet they frequently hold bid orders for sevral days before despatching, just so they can save on postage.


I’ve bought plenty of items from both sellers and they are generally good sellers, as their feedback shows, likewise my experience with them is good. so I don’t know why they leave themselves wide open to defects and poor feedback in this way.

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