what would you do with this threating bully ?

hi all

I have had a aggressive buyer , as we do at time.

I offered a full refund , just send the item back, thread goes like this.


email from him


I demand a full refund of my money for these springs! They are not the right tensions for the item they are claiming to be used for my lamp does not sit correctly and the insides of these springs are heavily deteriorated despite being cheaply chrome plated these springs are of a very sub-standard quality for the price and the product they are intended to be used for. if I do not receive a full refund of my money despite leaving poor feedback I will be exploring and acting on any other avenue to discredit your account!


I said go through the channels and send them back no problem , received the goods back to and the spring has been deliberately damaged, why I have no idea. ( see picture )


reported him through 2 different ebay ways but , I do not get any feed back with these system . will I have to ring them for an answer ?


I know it will damage my feedback much as I have over 2000, but it’s not the point some one is deliberately attacking me. I wish he lived near me.

item No 141284383394


suggestions please AS THIS IS GETTING ME MAD


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