Why are buyers so rude?

Just a mini-vent, having had a third rude buyer in a week – though I must admit this is exceptional.


  1. Buyer (a builder buying a building accessory kit) came to collect an item, claimed it was incomplete, and left without paying.  I didn’t realise it was complete, and scared by the thought of a Defect, sent them a £5 Paypal payment to cover their petrol cost/inconvenience.  Evidence from manufacturer regarding completeness sent to buyer.  No response, including no ‘thank you’ for the £5.
  2. New book bought on BIN.  45 minutes later, request for refund.  Buyer had, after buying mine, bought the same book, same condition, different cover, for around £4 more?  Cancellation request sent, payment refunded.  No thanks or response yet (4 days later)
  3. DVD bought on BIN.  20 minutes later, request for refund.  ‘My daughter had this already’. Cancellation request sent and refund issued.  No response or thanks.

I’m a very low-volume seller.  Goodness knows what big sellers have to put up with.  :smileysad:

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