Why don’t ebay do anything about unregistered business sellers

I know this is a feisty subject but I’ve had enough of Ebay’s inactivity on this. Over the last month or so, when pricing my items for sale I am coming across more and more unregistered businesses in the category I sell in (Video Games). I’m sure other categories have the same problem.


Now I’m not talking about sellers of collections or “hobby sellers” but sellers with multiples of brand new sealed games, listings in the high hundreds, selling feedback of 10,000 or over in last year or 2. Some are even using mutli listings to offer choices of different games. Use any combination of the above and there is a slim chance they may be business sellers masquerading as private sellers.


Another, possible giveaway is when the user name is “plonkersonlinegamestore” or “illegalonlinegamestrader(Mods please note these are ficticious user names). I hope!!!


As I come across them, I report them, (inc multi listings), save to watch list and every now and again have a check. Over the last month, I must have reported 20+. How many have Ebay stopped, or “requested they change their practices. ZERO!! All still trading exactly as was when reported.


Now it doesn’t take a forensic expert to spot these sort of things, with a high degree of accuracy. However, ebay employees seem to be either 1) happy to let this practice go unchallenged, 2) Are overworked and haven’t got round to the reports, 3) cannot read the simple English I use or 4) It doesn’t bring them as much financial gain any longer.


There is a 5th option of needing to be 100% sure but as ebay don’t seem to require a huge degree of accuracy in this (read threads from genuine collection sellers who have been made to register as a business).


Besides the illegalities of trading like this, undercutting genuine business sellers due to lower overheads and all the other “benefits” of incorrect registration, today I have discovered one, when checking why sales of a product have stopped, that has copied my title, pictures and description word for word and then under cut me. (reported but not holding out much hope).


On top of this, I have now been informed that I will have to subscribe to managed returns in about 4 weeks time at a cost of approx 2.5 times higher than I pay now, if a return is required. I have previously offered no quibble returns at my expense (90p to £1.24), but will no longer be able to do this. 


Ebay have now given another huge incentive to remain an unregistered business, unless they will now take more action on reports due to losing money on returns etc. 


Oh hang on…..while writing this I’ve almost convinced myself to join them and sell on my private account!! Problem solved (for me) :smileyfrustrated: :smileyfrustrated:



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