Am I being conned by this buyer?

I recently sold a PS3 Super Slim with 6 games, fully workign order and very well packaged.

Here is a timeline of what has happened the last 2 days:

17th July 2014:
Buyer contacted to say item is not working and how it is not working.


Buyer also stated they were out of the country and their brother-in-law collected the mail and checked. Provided phone number (first saying it was buyer’s number then brother-in-law’s number), and constantly requested my postal address.


I asked about the state of the parcel upon arrival, got no reply about this.

I provided a fix based upon the problem they described.


18th July 2014:
Buyer claims brother-in-law tried my fix and other methods with no luck. I requested photos/video of the problem. Buyer gained a video from brother-in-law but was claiming no email address. All details were available on Paypal invoice.


I contacted eBay customer service for advice regarding this and was informed to request the buyer to send photos via email address or upload to Photobucket. I was also advised to call the buyer, however I informed the eBay customer service members this felt like a breach of policy since it would be a someone outside of the transaction (I have a Chat log of this too). They also said I was not obligated to refund the buyer. I passed this information on to the buyer.


Buyer requested my email address to send a video and I was unable to provide them this due to eBay Message Centre/policy of sharing emails in messages. I provided a screenshot of this as proof. They still requested my postal address to just return the item.
Buyer requested I get sent the video via Whatsapp, requesting my phone number. I do not have Whatsapp and stuck to eBay’s advice of upload to Photobucket.


I feel that I want proof the item isnt working before they even consider sending the item back. As soon as they prove it, I’ll happily accept a return to try it out myself. Am I being conned here? Any advice? 

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