Am I Being Played?

I In the main I’d describe myself as pretty tolerant and am in the habit of stepping away for the situation when a customer annoys me so it doesn’t come across in my messages. I’d also like to think that most buyers are good, genuine people. However, today I’m just confused.


Somebody ordered 2 tags from me which I sent the same day. The next day I got a complaint that the envelope had arrived ripped and empty demanding I resent immediately in better packaging. I had a funny feeling so resent the items signed for. These were signed for today but I’ve just had a message saying again that the envelope was ripped and empty. After phoning Royal Mail they said they can only take the customer’s word for this and can’t confirm or deny either way. 


I’ve used the same packaging forever which includes an outer envelope and an inner plastic pouch that the tags are in forever and only one has ever been ripped and that came in one of the Royal Mail apology bags. So how do I deal with the request that I must resend again and in a jiffy bag (which puts it into the next price bracket)? To add insult to injury I have none of the right tags in and would have to create a big order from my supplier just for 1 tag.


Am I being mean for being suspicious?

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