Buyer making unreasonable demands! Advice needed

We have recently sold an electrical item.   During the listing a buyer asked us to deliver it to him.  We replied saying no.  He then won the item and said he hadnt read our email, so could we now deliver.  Again we said no.  He then wanted us to send item recorded delivery at our expense.  Again we declined (ended up paying more for postage than listed anyway).

Then got email to say there was no cable with item.  A cable was never listed with the item, therefore not part of the sale.  He sent another email asking for £4.50 to enable him to purchase a cable??!  Again, we declined as not in listing so not our responsibility.

He has now come back saying a flap on the item won’t stay up so wants £4.50 as compensation.  Again, no.

Just received another email to say unless we give him the money he will return item and get full refund including postage return costs!!  Is this possible?

I don’t mind giving him a refund but surely I don’t pay for postage for him to return it?  Please help!

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