Ebay selling nightmare

I feel that I have to share my nightmare experience with ebay support (support being a joke) today. Last week a buyer opened a cars against me saying the item was not as described. I am really fussy about what I sell and will put less than perfect clothes in the charity bag. Anyway, he said the item wasn’t lovely condition. I can’t be bothered getting in to disputes for £10 as it takes too much time and energy so I agreed for him to return the item for a full refund. 10 days later, I am still waiting for the item. Earlier today I contacted ebay support to see if the buyer needs to return in a certain time frame. I have emailed the buyer to ask when the top was posted but have had no response. I was asked if I wanted the case escalating so that they could review it. I said ok. Seconds later, I get an email from ebay – the case is closed in favour of the buyer, they have given him a full refund and he does not need to return the item. What a joke! I contacted on line support again. Richard told me ebay had met the amount for the refund. Checked paypal – this is not true. Contacted customer support again. 2 separate advisors ended the chat when they had read the details. So frustrating and completely **bleep** service. Now waiting for a call from customer support. May still be here next week :smileysad:

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