Hi, help please – bought phone from China, which found not fully suitable, opened case and even get

Hi, need help, as no support from Ebay…. Bought mobile from China, but as it was not fully siutable, asked for refund via resolution center and got OK, if i send it back w/i 7 days, but when i used link to obtain address i got (do not know if it is address or not) something printed by hieroglyphs, which of course i’m not able to repeat and our post service does not accept too.

Send a message with explanations to resolution center, but got nothing in reply, but time is counting

Yesterday tried to contact US customer support board, but they have no chat option and phone option is for local only

Today had a chat (for about 2 hours) with EU board, but finally they told – You need to contact US board, but when  i asked how? just stooped chat…


Was anybody in such situation? Frankly speaking, i’m shocked for such customer support service….

If anybody can tell right way, how to settle this situation?

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