I have just received a book I ordered from a ‘power seller’.

The book-from a power seller-WAS cheap, but it was listed-iin the heading and three times in the course of the listing, as a HARDBACK. In very good condition. It has just arrived-not superfast but ok. It is a paperback, stinks of cigarette smoke-really, I’ll have to put it out in the garage-the covers are creased and the page edges are very dirty, and there are dirty marks inside. So I ring the seller & am told that I can’t expect to get a particular edition- I get what I’m sent. However, as the book is in poor condition they will graciously refund my paypal account.The conversation was NOT a pleasant experience.


Anyone who thinks it doesn’t matter if you get a paperback when you are expecting a hardback shouldn’t be involved in bookselling at any level.  I decide to leave negative feedback (for what I think might be the first time in 10 years on ebay), but of course because they are a power seller I have to wait for 7 days.


I decide to contact ebay on 2 issues-one to make the point about power seller feedback (which I know has been said many times before, but..) and two to make the  point that the item failed to conform to the description in several ways, and surely one of the most significant is that it is not the edition I ordered and they shouldn’t get away with saying ‘well, tough’.  After half an hour of explaining the problem to one person I get transferred to the ‘escalation’ department. After hanging on for another 5 minutes i’m told that they can’t think why I’ve been put through to them because its completely the wrong direction. SO-after an hour I have got absolutely nowhere.


As a ‘small’ seller-presently clearing out stuff from my parents’ home, and some of our own stuff before we move, I am absolutely certain I wouldn’t get away with this. I can only say that the book is so nasty I would have second thoughts about taking it to a charity shop-I certainly wouldn’t try to sell it. As I said, it was cheap, and they have said they will refund, but that is not really the point.


Rant over.

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