I sent a parcel via MyHermes it was a bathroom sink in the packaging that came from the company which was perfect and damage proof. I chased when the buyer advised they did not get the item which was 9 days later..


Anyway having spend £10 on delivery and the cost of the sink.. I was already making a loss so finding out 5/10 days later that Myhermes damaged the item and wont give me compensation was VERY upsetting.


I have chased for 18 days and have had such poor service, they say they will reply within 24 hours, actually take around 7 days to respond after just saying they are sorry and that is that.


I have asked and provided my contact details and they refuse to contact me.


The only reason I found out about the issue was because I chased.


I know this was ”Theft” and not a damage as which company feels they have the right to decide on a customers item??

So disgusted in them…. DO NOT USE THEM

Anyone else had a similar issue? I am raising with Watch Dog… anything else that can be done? HELP?

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