This can’t be right ?

What is going wrong with eBay ? It has become so incredibly slow in the last few months, making it very frustrating and difficult to use. Has anyone else had a similar experience ?

Everything you want to do takes such an unbelievably long time to happen.

This includes uploading photos, entering advert texts, viewing order details, sending feedback, in fact absolutely everything that I do on the eBay site takes a mind-numbingly long time – it reminds me on when I used to be on dial up !

At first I wondered if it might have been the fact that I was using an old PC running Win XP but I have had the same experience on a lap top running Win 7 and a new desktop running Win 8.

It is getting to the point that I may just ditch the eBay experience it and sell things Amazon. It just is not worth the hassle.

This should be investigated as it is “annoying people intensely” (edited to satisfy the sensitive eBay moderators !).

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