this has turned into a nightmare situation!

So I was hugley strapped for cash and decided to sell my lovely guitar on ebay reluctntly. A guy in London bought it for £550 and £12 p&p and paid etc . I paid £50 postage and £15 on packaging and paid the rest out of my own pocket and straight away used the payment for the guitar to cover the ebay fee which was £56.

He gets the item and its been damaged in the post.

I took out insurance with parcles2go who will only pay out £120 of the total.

i called 8 business in central London and they all said that if they guy brings them the guitar they’ll quote to fix it , with one guy even offering to meet with the buyer in London to give me a quote and i said to the guy i would pay for repairs and his tube fair etc and that way that should sort out our problem. He’s since come back to me and said that as he is a wheel chair user this isn’t feasable and wants a refund which upon return, i’ve agreed to.

i have three questions:


Firstly will ebay refund me my sellers fee’s if it gets returned?


2nd: who pays the postage to get the guitar returned?

3rd: depsite the fact I have done everything and i mean everything possible and done nothing but bend over backwards to sort this out, I’m pretty sure the buyer will leave me with my first ever negative feedback, is there anything I can do to stop this, it’s not really fair considering how it wasnt my fault it got damaged in transit and how hard I tried to sort everything out?


This whole situation has really stressed me out and I’ve tried so hard. I’m going to end up with a broken guitar and probaby out of pocket too.


any advice people?



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