What do you do when a seller issues a false refund?

I had a Case open and then resolved, I thought, when the seller *supposedly issued a full refund, plus my cost to return the item – because he new my case of a deceptive / fraudulent offering was a good one, and eBay automatically closed the case. Then the **”full refund” bounced and I was left with nothing but my GBP10 cost to return the item. The seller, AKA p*a*r*a*d*i*s*e*crow, refuses to make things right per our negotiation and I appear screwed – the seller, AKA p*a*r*a*d*i*s*e*crow,  has his lied-about item back and my GBP79.99.  eBay is partially at fault for closing a case before a ***refund clears the bank and the money is in the customers hands – wise up eBayand fix this ****flaw. eBay clearly stacks the deck in favor of the seller – *****that sucks. How many other people have gotten screwed this way? What do I/we do?

* ** *** **** *****> Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 02:03:33 -0700

> Subject: Refund failed

> To: ME

> From: s*e*r*i*c*e-AT-p*a*y*p*a*l-DOT-*c*o*m


> Hello ME,


> The refund sent by M*a*x*a*m*I*l*I*e*n L*e*t*e*k (m*a*x-AT-p*a*r*a*d*i*s*e*crow-DOT-com) did not clear from the sender’s bank. You have not received funds for this payment in your PayPal account.


> Please contact M*a*x*a*m*I*l*I*e*n L*e*t*e*k regarding this refund.

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