Why are some sellers not leaving feedback for buyers?

Hi everyone! 


I am becoming increasingly frustrated by sellers not leaving feedback has anyone else noticed this?


It seems that some sellers have forgotten how ebay works,

As a regular buyer and one who always makes an imidiate payment for purchased items I find it evermore frustrating that some sellers are still not leaving feedback for buyers!


If I purchase an item and pay straight away what could I possibly be doing wrong to not receive feedback for my purchase?


This has become the norm recently here on ebay and it’s a real shame nothing has been done about it despite many members mentioning this very subject on here many times!


Only this week I have had to message a seller for the second time asking for them to leave feedback, but as yet still no reply or feedback!


if this sort of behaviour becomes the norm people are going to stop leaving feedback forbuyers all together!


I’m sure nobody wants this! :smileysad:

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