A Big Thank You to…

all buyers who pay immediately, or within a short time after the end of an auction, or after clicking Buy it Now, once any combined invoices have been received. :smileyhappy:


I have another account which I sell on, it makes things so much easier for me when all my buyers pay immediately. I can get everyone’s item(s) packaged quickly and just one trip to Post Office. 🙂


While I’ve got your attention, can I also ask that if the seller offers combined P&P please wait for a combined invoice as Paypal charges a fee for each invoice so if you win or purchase 3 items and make 3 payments that’s 3 Paypal fees seller has incurred, instead of just 1 Paypal fee on 1 invoice, plus ebay takes 10% of P&P cost, so times that by 3 instead of 1 too.


When seller is trying to save you money by combining P&P, please allow them time to send a combined invoice, I tend to send combined invoice within a few minutes of last item ended, even then I’ve been too late, buyer has already paid separately…

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