Did I do the right thing re snad & return postage?

So bought an item from a seller which said it could do something which it can’t.  After I advised them they eventually said I could return it for a full refund and agreed to refund the return postage as well.  Got a refund for the original amount but they are now ignoring my messages about the return postage – which they agreed to pay when I provided a proof of post scan (already done).  The parcel has a post office stamp on it as well which will show the price I paid to return it.


Seller only sells new items, has over 12 000 feedback but their return policy says ‘buyer pays return costs’.  I trusted this seller to reimburse my return postage but doesn’t look like they are going to despite saying they would through eBay messages.  Feel maybe I should have opened a snad case instead – haven’t left feedback yet and not sure what is permitted since I got a refund seller hasn’t done what they promised to do either.


Any suggestions – I have bought a few gifts on ebay but not had this sort of problem before.

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