Ebay member scamming for freebies

Hello there.


I have a problem with 1 member recently that keeps messaging me saying



Hi there bought a code from you a couple of weeks ago and just tried it and it didn’t work sorry, could I get a replacement ? I’ve had this problem before don’t worry thanks !



The problem is that there is no record of any sales on ebay or in my personal records to this member

so I know I have definitely never delt with this member in the past.


I have in the past been polite and explained that there was no record of the purchase

and that I would be happy to help if said member could provide proof of the transaction.


Needless to say I didnt receive a reply to the request.


I have let it go in the past up until recently when after receiving 2 of the exact same messages word for word in less that 2 weeks from said member, I politely but firmly told said member what to do next.


Even though I have been trying to deal with the member myself

the dumb **** messaged me again today with (Yes you guessed it ) the exact same message!


To be perfectly honest I have had enough of it now and it is waring quite thin.


So my big question is does anyone know the propper channels to report said member?

as I have been looking and can not find anything….


any help that can be provided will be greatly received.


Thank you.

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