I’m furious – Very upsetting abuse.

recently stopped selling on Ebay because I was fed up with so many items becoming lost in the post. It was becoming very silly. I found full time work and I haven’t had the pressures of ‘difficult’ buyers which is good. Wednesday afternoon my husband was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and we are awaiting a fast tracked appointment for surgery/treatment to start. I listed an item for sale ( a personal item I no longer wanted, not a business item). The item sold on Tuesday night and I posted it on Wednesday morning. Wednesday was a terrible day. Family are hurt and stunned. I usually spend time online watching 4od or talking with my daughter via Skype, but the computer was the last thing on my mind. Thursday I checked my email and there was 2 from Ebay, I thought I had better check. One was sent to me at 10pm Wednesday night (which I didn’t answer) The buyer had asked if the item he bought had been posted? The next message was sent to me at 6.15am Thursday morning and contained abuse, swearing and calling me a scammer because I had not replied, and if I didn’t reply in the next hour then he would leave me negative feedback etc etc. The buyer waited from 10pm to 6.15am before losing his temper with me? A whole 8 hours. Hours where most people are sleeping anyway? I was devestated, I still am, but I kept my composure and overlooked the abuse. I wrote back and explained that my husband had been given terrible news, and because of that I hadn’t checked my messages. I apologised and said that I had posted the item immediately on Wednesday morning. I received a message to say that my trading partner had requested member details? Slowly after I received a text message to say that he really hopes that my husband dies a slow death and that I should be banned from ebay? I have over 30,000 postive feeback from when I ran my business on ebay, but this buyer thinks I am a scammer? I ignored the text message. Since then I have received 18 messages via Ebay and a case he opened. I posted the item first class on Wednesday and yes ideally it should have been there by now, but Royal mail haven’t delivered it yet. I suspect it will probably get there monday. I too have ordered many things ( I still buy LOADS on ebay) and more often than not, royal mail do deliver a couple of days late. Last month I had an item which was 10 days late. The postmark indicated that the buyer did send it on time, but royal mail were late. It really isn’t such a problem for me if something is slightly late. Royal mail do occasionally deliver late. Here is my timeline Tuesday night buyer buys item Wednesday night sends a message Thursday morning and all day Thursday, sends me abuse because I didn’t reply quick enough. Friday morning tells me he has contacted Royal mail and asked why it hasn’t it been delivered? They told him that it is lost, the seller needs to immediately refund him, then the seller needs to fill in a claim form for lost item and claim money back Friday morning I tell buyer that it may be running slightly late. First class post is not guaranteed to be delivered next day, first class post is usually 2-3 WORKING days, so there is still time for it to be delivered. I also pointed out that Royal mail have advised him incorrectly, and after linking him to Royal mail website, I pointed out that Royal mail do not deem an item lost until 15 days have passed, therefore, Royal mail apparently telling him that they know it is lost, was wrong for them to do. Friday over several messages and demands for a refund, threats to leave me “very bad feedback”, swearing and general abuse. Saturday, the buyer opens a case and states that he KNOWS it is lost, seller must claim from royal mail, plus threats and more threats. I have replied to the case and asked him to be a little more patient. I now have negative feedback, messages stating he hopes not just my husband dies, but i die too. And to top it off, the buyer has got 3 feedback and states that he had something go missing with royal mail last month, he opened a case and ebay gave him a refund and the seller had to claim from royal mail “because thats how it works”. 3 feedback for purchases and 2 items have gone missing? He knows how it works because he’s done it before? Royal mail know that if someone posted something first class on wednesday morning, if it hasn’t arrived by saturday then it is “100% lost”? Do buyers need to send threats because you haven’t replied to a message on time? Do buyers need to become so rude and abusive? It’s very upsetting. He’s lucky that I replied on Thursday at all, because the way i feel is that my life has just ended,however I did politely reply that I had sent his item yes. I didn’t expect so much abuse back. Would buyers speak to shop managers on the high street this way? I think most shops would be firm with abusive buyers and ban then from the store. I sold an item, I immediately posted the item by the delivery method that the buyer choose ” free p&p first class postage”, the buyer received an automatic message to tell him that the item has been dispatched, but felt the need to contact me to ask (but he put a time limit on when he thinks a response should happen) Between the hours of 10pm & 6am, i doubt many people would respond. Why do buyers threatening to leave bad feedback if you dont do such & such? Why don’t ebay start to recognise that Royal Mail standards have slipped, and postage is often late by a day or so? The estimated delivery time is not for ebay to decide. Ebay need to make buyers aware that it is not guaranteed. Cases should not be allowed to be opened up so early on. Royal mail have apparently told him it is lost “100%” and that they issue the seller an immediate payment right away. Did Royal Mail really say that? I doubt it. Does my buyer have experience in items going lost? Yes.Does he know that he opens a case and he gets his money back? Yes, he’s wrote that on the case. Is ebay allowing dishonest buyers to pinch from genuine sellers? YES! WHY DID EBAY GIVE MY NUMBER OUT TO A NASTY MINDED PERSON?

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