Open cases by seller

Hi. Wuold like your help please. I bought 4 pair of stockings from a seller and the stockings were listed as seperate pairs but  the colours were Hazel and Taupe i.e two pairs  of each colour. I emailed the seller and asked to confirm I had bought 4 pairs of stockings and would he have more at at a later date. I recieved an email back confirming my query about the 4 pairs of stockings. I then recieved another email to say he only had Ipair of each colour and would refund the payment I had made for the other two pairs. I then recieved an email to say that there were two cases open by the seller regarding the two non-existant pair of stockings and to cancel the order. I have tried to “take action” as it says in the case but when I click on there is a message saying there is no information about the case and try again later. Ihave not had a case such as this before and don’t know what I need to do. Thank you.

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