Unclaimed payment, seller not replying to messages.

Sent payment via PayPal for the item I had won, noticed it said unclaimed next to the payment in paypal. So I sent an email to the seller, letting them know I had paid but it said this as the payment status. I heard nothing so the following day I looked into it abit more & came to the conclusion something was wrong the seller’s end.
So I messaged again telling them my findings & I would cancel that payment until they had sorted it out & if they could invoice me or message me when sorted & I’d pay straight away. Again no reply.
So this morning I thought I’d try again with the payment & it still says unclaimed, messaged the seller again informing them I’ve sent the payment again & could they reply to let me know what’s going on. I doubt I’ll get a reply.
Any idea’s what else I can do?

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