Buyer Cancellations and Defects (again!)

The ebay FAQ page states:


My buyer asked me to cancel a transaction. Will this count as a defect?


  • A cancelled transaction will only count as a defect if the item was out of stock or it was sold to another buyer. If a buyer initiates the cancelled transaction, for example if they’ve changed their mind, it won’t count against you.  

Always use the eBay cancellation process and choose the correct reason for the cancellation. If the buyer contacts you to request a cancellation/refund, please start the cancellation request in the Resolution Centre indicating it was requested by the buyer. Please issue the refund only after you’ve submitted the cancellation request.  eBay monitors cancellations to make sure any ‘buyer requested’ cancellations were in fact requested by the buyer.



I’m seeing an increasing number of posts from sellers saying that the buyer has declined the cancellation, because they are advised by ebay on the form not to agree to it before receiving the refund!


Suggest ebay need to change the wording for buyers to say that they should check their PayPal account to see if the refund has been issued before they accept/decline the request.


Also suggest that it’s made clear to sellers that they shouldn’t wait for acceptance of the request before refunding the buyer?!


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