ebay trust and safety error..error type 12310

ebay trust and safety error
ebay trust and safety error

Many ebay buyers got this error “ebay trust and safety error 12310” usually when they make purchase on android or iphone ebay app

ebay trust and safety error
ebay trust and safety error
  1. I cannot place a bid on item…I keep getting an alert…ebay trust and safety error….error type 12310…..can anybody help me…..
  2. ive just tried to bid on an item and when i clicked confirm bid the trust and safety error code 12310 appeared  

    ive never experienced this before although i was hacked last week and had to change all my passwords…it worked fine until this morning

  3. Alert eBay trust and safety error I can’t buy or bid- i am trying to buy and the box comes up,alert ebay trust and ebayerror so frustrating please help.

The error message usually like this:

To ensure that eBay remains a safe marketplace, we limit the quantity of items that can be bought or sold by a single account at one time. These limits may change over time and are determined by your previous site activity and overall performance.

Currently, your account has reached the limit for bidding and buying, but you can increase this limit by providing additional verification. Thank you for your understanding.


How to solve ebay trust and safety error 12310?

  1. Update your phone/tablet to newest ebay app ( using android market, itunes on iOS …to update it) –> it usually works if error base on old app version.
  2. Try to bid/buy on laptop/pc to see if it still error or not? –> if it works on laptop, so your app have problem – update it, if not, you need to verify your account by add credit card, bank account …The issue is that you are hitting a bidding limit and need to add a credit card on file to your eBay account. This is an issue independent of the app. Once you’ve added the credit card you’ll be able to bid and buy again.
  3. If it still not works? Contact eBay Customer Support for further assistance. Use this link on your desktop to reach eBay CS by phone or email – http://ocsnext.ebay.co.uk/ocs/home

Another ebayer also commented about this ebay trust and safery error:

I also get this message, but now know why. Its to make sure you are able to pay for what you are bidding on, its to prevent unpaid item strikes which i think is a good idea as it is far too easy to get carried away bidding. Ive created a new ebay, i have 4 items 3 of which im winning when i tried to increase my bid on the 4th that is when i got the 12310 error. Over time it increases depending on your buying performance. I dont think it includes buy now items. So the problem isnt the app but ebay and their policies



Hope this help. if you got the same problem and managed to solved it, please post comment below. Thanks!

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  1. Hello

    What dose 12310 error mean I cannot make a bid for anything it is not allowing me to do anything it’s very disappointed.

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