Long estimated delivery date and no response from seller

Hi, I bought an item on the 21. of June. The seller said he was going to post the next day but didn’t. It is now 20. July and still no shipment. I’ve contacted the seller 3 times in the past 3 weeks but had no response from him.

Now, the problem is that the estimated delivery date is 30. July and I can’t open a case yet but I’ve read somewhere that you are eligible for the Ebay money back guarantee only 45 days after you’ve paid for the item. Is this correct? If so I will have only 3 days to sort this after the 30. July. But as the seller has 8 days to respond to an opened case this means that the 45 days can pass before Ebay gets the case in their hands.

What do you suggest I do? The item was payed via PayPal.

Thank you for any suggestions and tips!

Best regards

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