New defect rating question.

Hi everyone,


I have a quesrion regards the new defect rate measurments.


As it shows I am going to lose my Top-rated on August 20 because of the defect rates. In 8 cases that have defect, there are a few cases that seem very unfair to count. For examples,


– One case from a buyer in the US. He/she opened ”item not received” case, stated that he/she didn’t receive the item and USPS tracking showed it was delivered. Next day, he/she closed the case stated that he/she received it. (not my fault)

– Another case from a US buyer also. He opened ”item not as descibed”, stated that I sent the smaller size since he ordered size L. I replied and asked him to double check on the tags about the size, he then closed the case, admited he was mistaken and wanted an exchange for bigger size. Everythint was fine after that but I got the defect rate.



Is there any way for me to contact ebay to remove those cases off my defect rate? Thanks in advance!

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