Why are e,bay letting this happen?

Sold a early first pressing Beatles “White album” with original poster photo,s and black sleeves in excellent condition buyer paying a 3 figure fee for it she says she bought it as a present and she messaged saying was delighted to win it. 

A few days later I get a message “so sorry but can I return as my Husband already has this album and can she return. I ofcourse say yes no problem after all easy mistake to make and I know the record will sell on to either the under bidder or be re-listed I mention to the buyer that they will need to pay for return as there mistake not mine and it will need to be signed for recorded mail.

Next I know I have a case opened against me item not as described (reason finger prints and boby oil on the vinyl) I have no problem with the fact she wants to return so again thru gritted teeth I say please return for full refund and you are liable for return costs.  10 days later still return although buyer says she will not pay for the return postage 

The buyer escaletes wins and now have my record and there money 


When are Ebay going to plug this loophole that has opened up as wide as a crater and stop buyers taking advantge 

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