Activity with xxxxx

If I send a general message to a seller, the following is often inserted at the top of the message (where xxxxx is the seller)


Activity with xxxxx (last 90 days): I have bid on 0 items from xxxxxActivity with xxxxx (last 90 days): xxxx has bid on 0 of my items


What’s the point of this?, it is always 0 bids. With this seller, I’ve bought 65 items from them since 21 May. about 60 of these have been bids (all low-cost items). There are probably another 30+ items that I’ve bid on with them but haven’t won, usually because I stopped bidding when the price reached the same price that the seller was selling the item elsewhere on the site.


I’ve seen this on messages to other sellers, with exactly the same 0 bid total, even though I’ve bid and won with them.


I assume that the message is supposed to give the seller and idea of what my buying with them has been like, but showing 0 all the time is a total waste of space!

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