Defect Gained For Low Description Rating…..

Has just turned up today, and is for something I sold this month.


Problem is, I’ve got all positives for this month, and a few of my buyers mention that item is as described. Over half of the products I’ve sold this month have been new and sealed, and free from flaws.


I’ve been shown this defect on my dashboard – but report doesn’t show it. 


Can anyone tell me how to find the exact transaction? I thought we’d be able to see this by now??


Also, can anyone fathom why an item that is so badly described (that it warrants a low rating) would constitute a “positive”? Whoever left it (I think I know who it was but I’m not 100% certain) didn’t even contact to tell me about a problem.


I also think that the item it’s been left for is one of the items I listed as new. If it is, then the item was new, but had a little wear (and I mean a little, due to storage) which was clearly listed and also in the photo.


Any chance the FB can be removed, as the DSRs are inconsistent with the positive (and exclamation of happiness given by the buyer??)


Thanks :smileyhappy:

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