Defect removable?

I sold a postcard for £1.85, free postage but when I came to post the card I was not overly happy with the condition.


I refunded the item but messaged the buyer to let him know that I was not happy with the condition, that I had refunded the item but was still going to post the item free of charge.


I received a message back after they received the card that they were delighted with the card, that they felt guilty that I had refunded and could they please pay again. I messaged back to confirm I was happy to send the card FOC and did not require payment. Everyone delighted.


This morning I notcie I have a defect for this transaction, recorded as a cancelled transaction.


As this item was of such low value, I did not request to cancel the transaaction, and just refunded te whole amount. without going through the resolution centre.


Do you think it is worth giving CS a bell to see if this defect can be removed, ?


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