Delivery from U.S.A


this is my first time using Global Shipping Program, i ordered an item of a seller on the 8th july 

i paid up and everthing thing seemed normal with the tracking until  the 16th of july , where it say’s “shiped to international destination .

now the estimated delivery is thur 17 to thur 24,so there’s still a few more day’s to go but it seems to be stuck on that .

the seller seems very nice and professional and he has emailed to say if there’s any problems just contact him. 


am i right in assuming if the item gets lost its gsp’s fault and not the seller , do i email the seller first then contact ebay ,im not sure what to do ,it’s just stumbling on to this forum and reading the other post’s has got me a bit worried 

any recomendations ?

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