Ebay the disaster, run from the Philippines!

Recently had some one buy a bearing kit and get the wrong one, because they ignored a question that I asked them, in regards to identifying the frame they have.


They then turned around and bought something for £20 and demanded that I pay for it, **bleep**? after I explained that I would not be paying for it and a lengthy backwards and forwards message swap took place, or in their case backwards and more backwards.


They innitiated a claim with ebay, ebay ruled in their favor and refunded the entire £57.48 with nothing being returned and obviously no attempt being made to read the content of the emails and the attempt at extortion from the buyer! Also no attempt to understand the issue at all, if those in what ever country can even read English, let alone understand the situation.



Seems odd that ebay is being run from the other side of the world and that they don’t have a clue what they are doing, except when you factor in the exploitative nature of feepay these days.


I do have to wonder if this course of action by ebay is legal and is it in line with their policies?


As for me! why am I not surprised that this kind of thing happens on ebay? a company that has becoem too powerful to care about competence!


Has anyone else had this kind of problem and does anyone want to comment on or discuss the issue I am having or any other issues?


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