Hi Can anyone give me help on this. I have just chatted to Ebay regarding a case that has been opene


We have had a case opened against us and i have just chatted with Ebay via Live Chat. They simply ignored everything i said and then closed the chat, yet this all took 50 minutes. My point to them was the case should be closed because the item was purchased on the 11th of June and the case was opened on the 21st of July. According to there owe Ebay rules you have to open a case within 30days of the item listing ending. I pointed out that this was 39 days. I feel like shooting myself in the head, they just drive you nuts. What is the point of them telling us the selling rules if they are just going to ignore them. I even asked to be put onto someone higher up and they just cut me off. Anybody got any idea what i can do next. Is there anyway of reporting this and any point?



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