Laptop battery warranty

There seem to a lot of horror stories about batteries bought on ebay which subsequently fail under warranty and the seller won’t honour the warranty.


I purchased a battery for an Advent Netbook from a company trading as ***  mid-October 2013.   The Netbook had very light use but after a few months the battery failed.   I emailed the seller who essentially want me to send them more money for them to replace the battery.


It’s now obvious they will not replace the battery under warranty so I’m posting this as a warning.  I’ve bought cheap batteries in the past from various sellers and they have been ok.  BUT if you’re unlucky and get a duff one and the seller won’t replace – you’re snookered…
Obvious question – should I send them £6 – or cut my losses? Incidentally i believe they also trade under another name which I can’t rememeber at the moment – a bit of sniffing around should bring it up.



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