Paypal has gone mad!

I put a post on here last week regarding a buyer who was returning her order, the order was for over 400 pounds. No problem, return it and upon receipt I will refund.

Next thing she opens a Paypal dispute and escelates it almost immediately. Paypal asks the buyer to return them item for a refund and provide tracking information.


But now it goes on….


The buyer added tracking information but then informed me she had not included all the items in the parcel and would forward these on, she then messages me again and says she has found more items and again will forward in another parcel (3 parcels altogether).

I asked her to provide this information to Paypal through the dispute and to provide 3 tracking numbers. She hasn´t done this.


I then check the status of the parcel and it shows delivery cannot be attempted because the address is incomplete! I contacted the buyer, no reply so I contacted the courier and after having the runaround gave them the correct address.


I then receive a message from Paypal asking if the parcel has arrived, it hadn´t. I then went into the dispute to add information, to confirm it hadn´t arrived and also I gave copies of the messages from the buyer stating they had not included all the items in the parcel.


Later in the evening the parcel arrives, surprise suprise not all the items are there as the buyer confirmed in their message. I also provided proof that the parcel sent weighed 15 kilos and the parcel coming back was much less.


Lo and behold Paypal then closed the case in the buyers favour!

What an earth is going on! Now the buyer is not answering my messages, they have been refunded and still have some of the goods!


Has Paypal gone mad, for all they know (or care) the parcel could have been empty!





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