terrible service

Fist time posting, but I cant belive the poor service of a seller.


I buy a swimming pool clourine floating device, it was only £5.99, but I thought the thing came with tablets, which it doesnt. So when I relised I asked to cancel the transaction, which im perfectly in my rights of doing. Baring in mind this is 2 hours after I purchased, on a sunday so the item had not probally of even been picked and packed yet. this is the responce I got from the seller:


Please accept the cancalation request so we can then process your refund.


Failure to accept the cancalition request will result in a 14% handling fee.


I couldnt believe it, when I read there message, and they are a big seller to.


I canceled the cancalation request they have sent, and have told them I will only accept the cancalation request once a refund has been complete, also that any handling fee is against the distance selling regulations, and if they do charge me, I will take the matter to ebay.


I cant believe sellers get away with such behavior specially someone with over 100000 feedback.







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