Worst Decision Ever

As a seller who ships in all parts of the world, I’ve come to realize that the postal services in use vary from country to country; some very efficient, some very slow.

So I had a buyer who complained about not getting the package, and I told her the tracking info. shows that an attempt to deliver was made but there was no one available to receive it upon delivery.  She goes to check at the offices and is told that it has been returned to the seller (me).  Since it’s on the way back, I send another.  After a while, she tells me that she got both of them, and that she’d pay for the 2nd.  And the, she vanished.

Then again, a package got stuck for over three weeks in one place and I assumed, maybe it got lost, coz it was a small package.  I send another, and again, he says he receive both.  Seems like USPS doesn’t always update the delivery status of the package.  At least it wasn’t that expensive so I didn’t suffer a major loss.


Now I have come to the conclusion that, as long as you shipped a package, never ever issue a refund oresend a package, no matter what happens – unless you get the package back.

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