Defective dashboard. Defective defects.

How do I get this resolved? Who do I contact? Further to my earlier post re account at risk – I’ve gone through everything with a tooth comb. I’ll copy it below again (apologies to all who have already viewed)




This is my UK dashboard – dashboard shows 13 defects from 500 transactions. When I click download report (view 20 latest defects), it shows 14 defects. However of the 14 defects listed, 2 are International sales so theres 12 UK on this report. Where’s the missing 1??


Low DSR for IAD – this shows 3. My report shows 2.


Open cases for IAD – The 8 actually matches the report. However, 1 bought wrong item (ebay messages clearly show), 2 buyer remorse and 1 where the buyer hadn’t switched the console on. (resolved in a phone call, closed case apologising etc). This leaves 4 – 1 buyer tried to scam me, claiming game didn’t work, partial refund (why??) and another claimed a brand new sealed game had writing all over instructions and wanted a partial refund. So actually 2 cases that I deserve.


Low DSR for dispatch – this was today. God knows as item was posted less than 5 hours after purchase and have PoP with time etc.


Neutral – Sept 13. Someone selling video games like me. I reported. Nothing came of it.


When I look at my global report it shows I have 18 defects from 592 transactions. My low for IAD jumps to 6 and I pick up an extra low for dispatch. When I download a report it only shows the same 14 transactions as the UK report (12 UK and 2 Overseas). 


How the L can a seller IMPROVE when the tools we are given don’t work, don’t make sense and don’t add up. Oh yeh when looking at trending data, I’m 30 transactions short just for July!!



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