Never selling on Ebay EVER AGAIN.



I have lost faith in Ebay and buyers as a seller.

Having listed sold and posted out over 20 items. I was to relay to buyers that I would be going on holiday and would answer any messages on my return.  I had a great holiday.


On returning home back toUK I  have just opened my Ebay account  and having read messages I am just shattered and disgusted .

Prior to going on holiday I forwarded emails to all buyers with details of my holiday and how to contact me on return  , and left positive buyer comments. 


3 Ebay customer resolutions cases were opened and closed in favour of buyers – all during  my abscence. 

 On holiday actually on the other side of the world. 


In 2 cases – it was claimed items were not received – strangleyI received no contact about this during the time period I remained in the country having posted items.Please note I do have actual postage receipts.


In the 3rd case  the buyer did not pay for some period of time.   Having made contact several times over several days without response. I then received a message and was asked to wait till pay day ? I did say I was going on holiday and would be unable to post the item out  if payment was delayed any further. But I would relist the item. Buyer then appears to have paid for item which I could not send out as I was by then out of the country. 


Unable to make any seller  response to buyers or Ebay Resolution. I have lost items and money and with one negative comment my ratings have gone from 100% -97%. Have to agree with the singular negative comment made by the late pay day payment  buyer –

Don’t Go There !



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