Sod it – I’m off!

:manhappy:Hiya Everybody,

An interesting little problem(one that I haven’t seen in these pages yet) has come my way within the last week or so. I’m a private seller and I sold a printer to a business member in Woolwich who gave me positive feedback at the time of sale,and as I knew that the printer was in good nick I forgot all about it and I enjoyed spending the £49 which I got for it.

Five weeks(yes FIVE WEEKS) later the guy emails me saying that he’d resold the printer but that it had been returned to him by his buyer(YES – HE’D RESOLD IT) as it wasn’t working,or so they said! and he wanted to return it to me for a full refund. … of course I declined his demand, only to find(yes! – you’ve guessed,haven’t you?) myself facing a resolution centre case, which after having read all that I’ve read here left me not unduly surprised to find that I’d lost the case as Ebay had found in his favour.

He had demanded a refund 33 days after the 7 day delivery date,and despite him not adhering to ‘The Sale of Goods Act’s ‘reasonable time'(how long does it take you to find a printer fault,I ask) timescale or even adhered to Ebay’s 30 day allowance for filing a claim (coupled with the fact that his claim did not even refer to my sale to him,but to his subsequent sale) I had still lost the case as I’ve said,seemingly because Ebay use automated means to decide the outcome of such cases as they appear incapable of recruiting and retaining competent staff to actually read and judge resolution cases in a fair and meaningful manner – or perhaps they can’t be bothered.

Of course I’m going to go through the motions and appeal(that’s if I can find the ‘appeal’ button on the resolution centre page,grrrrr!!!)but I don’t hold out much hope out to be honest now that I’ve seen Ebay’s underhanded tactics at close range, and I’ve really better things to do with my life than to **bleep** about with the likes of Ebay, and funnily enough I have in the last week sold a computer online(NOT on Ebay I can assure you) on a free website with none of the Ebay hassles .. and I didn’t even have to mess about and leave feedback afterwards, let alone pay any exorbitant fees – so there is life after Ebay,folks.

Fortunately for me I don’t rely on Ebay and I don’t need it,and although I’ve been a member for over 10 years with constant positive feedback,and will probably miss it as there are some good members here(although unfortunately in a minority nowadays) I’ve decided that both Ebay and Paypal(another load of sharks)can put their unfair and grossly overcharging websites where the sun doesn’t shine because I’m going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right folks – rant over – I’ll see you all on the ‘Ebid’ or the ‘Friday Ad’ sites in future(and that’s before I even think about Craigslist or Vivastreet’) and they tell me car boots sales although hard work can be fun as well.

Regards to you all and thankyou;Roger.

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