thanks for calling ebay customer service ..goodbye


Bearing in mind this is VERY important to me , I have a chronic disease/ terminal illness , I aint looking for sympathy as most of the time I am ok and I am also a master artist,   (but hey i gotta eat :smileyhappy: , but I am explainining why i dont have a ‘proper job’ ,anyhow  I hoped i could get a ‘human’ not a robot on the phone

I am trying to get one or two silly defects removed , I sell electronics , which are notoriosly hard .I am also on around 320 sales in the last 12 months , so I am on a 12 month look back.. too

.the two in question were one that a woman bought a laptop /netbook and her 3g dongle wouldnt work in it .. now , i sell dongles , so I know , that not many actually do work on android system.. so , obviously , thats my fault

.. I tried to fight this case , all the while assuring the lady , I was only fighting ‘the case’ and her beloved refund wasnt in doubt …, but OF COURSE she took it personally only really happened because I went camping for 4 days , and she was inside the 14 days ‘returns’ , but because I was away , she opened a case .. it should have just been a return ..she sent it back before the case was up , and as I had the item .. I really had no choive anyway but to refund her .. ergo .. lose the case


the second one was for a guy who plain took the Micheal really , opened a case on the grounds , that the phone he had bought ‘diddnt have all the features he wanted’ .. he alsio , just for good measure , stole the case from it (I know for a FACT he had it) and then said it diddnt have the case ..


I have never had a case close without resolution , never had a case for INR and despite what Ebay label me as ,I consider I do a good job .. heck , some days I spend literally hours advising people how to use phones etc …



and recently , you may recall , i have a case open for an item damaged in transit .. I have spoke to the man on the phone , and its in the process of being resolved amicably .. so whether I get this defect removed or not who knows


but basically , these 2/3 defects push me into restriction land



on the 19th I spent 40 minutes getting through to CS , in which I was met by a rather ‘high handed’ CS (called Jonothan) , who stated the obvious , ‘your going to be below standard’ .. ‘you’ve gone way down’ he said .. this got me angry , as I have been TRS for as long as I can remember under the current rules .. anyhow , after being told ‘all defects will stand’ , he gave me a ‘direct number’ for resolutions.. it wasnt at all , and I spent a further 35 minutes waiting for an answer… only to be  told … yes I think you guessed it already.. “this is the wrong department, this is ‘seller performance’ … sigh … so she transferred me ….,i waited listening to that inane musak for another 25 minutes only for the line to go dead …. another wasted 2 hours


next day 20th… I tried again ….got through to a Kay in  mannilla ,  and basically had a repeat of day one .. after 2 hours , 3 reps and countless ‘may I put you on hold /transfer you ‘ .. I spoke to an ‘Abby’ .. she said I needed powerseller as they had more scope , she gave me a phone number beginning with 0208 , and assured me , this was the ‘magic number’


so this morning  I rang it ……………………………………………..this number no longer exists , but we will transfer you to the new number .. we were not able to verify your phone number .. thanks for calling customer services goodbye


honestly … its a good job i got a sense of humor …. THANKS EBAY !!

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