What *bleep* invented eBay’s security policy?

ebay have decided that all sellers only have one computer and that that computer has a static IP address.

If you IP changes  (eg router restart, different coffee shop hot spot, work instead of home etc etc) then there is a security issue.

If you use a different device (eg you have a desktop, a laptop, an iPAD, a smart phone and connect to the internet through them all LIKE MOST PEOPLE DO) then there is a security issue.

No other site in the world thinks this – not even banks, but they do.

So to protect us we have to phone up and provide security info. Yes phone – sit in a queue to talk to someone with poor English.

Every other sit would get us to type in a security question or two, not eBay they make you wait.

Then what? They dont use the usual security Q&A they ask you postcode and phone number (no-one else is going to know that are they?)

BUT, and here’s the best bit, if you’ve updated them recently (dont know how recently but 2 weeks is too recent) then they cant use them. Not like anybody ever moves house is it?

So what’s their next course of action? THEY DONT HAVE ONE!!!


This has happened to me twice now on the first ocasion I was told to open a new account on the second I was told to “use the computer you used before”.

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