As a a seller, can I request a return of sold item and refund his money?

Is there a legal way to cancel transaction, return money and require return to seller?

The buyer left me negative feedback before he obtained a parcel. He paid for an item with free delivery, which was noticed as 3-5 days with 1 working day for dispatch. He made order and paid on Sunday, I droped parcel on Monday afternoon, sent him an invoice with tracking number and added this number to ebay. On Wednesday, he gave me a negative feedback after few masseges in which he wanted to know when the item would be delivered. I answered his questions with the information I get from courier. He sent me a messages with preachment  about correct parcel tracking and more stupidities.

I’d like to get this item back, because it is unique and cannot be purchase anywhere else but my web shop or my ebay.

Thank’s for your solutions.

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