buyer claims that item is damaged but i know that i’ve sent it in a PERFECT condition.




I am really confused.

I’ve sold a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in a perfect condition including high resolution pictures of the item.

After a couple of days i received a message saying that the item is damaged – bended.


I sent the item well packed, in the orginal glasses case and the box which means that item couldn’t get damaged while on the way to the buyer.


I think that he damaged the glasses because they doesn’t suit him (they are a big size ones) and my listing says that there’s no refuns so he couldn’t send it to me and damageing it seems like the only way for him?



I paid 130 pounds for those sunglasses and i really don’t want to get them back damaged esspecially when i know they were in a PERFECT condition and i’ve accepted the buyers best offer and sold them only for 60 pounds…..




how can i prove ebay that the byer is lying?



many thanks

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